Ran into this KB article that speaks of the catalog status in vcloud to be shown as “Unknown”.

In vCloud Director 5.5.0, the status of a catalog is based on a task stored in the database.
This issue occurs when the catalog has existed for longer than the Activity Log of vCloud Director, the task may have been deleted from the database resulting in a catalog status of UNKNOWN.
I haven’t run into this issue personally but you may have and VMware article states that this does not affect the catalog itself.
Apparently there is no fix for this and the only resolution is to extend the activity log to 365 days. Don’t forget the space that is needed when you increase the number of days to keep for the log.
1. Log in as a System Administrator.
2. Go to the Administration section.
3. Navigate to General > Activity Log.
4. Update the number of days to keep to 365.
Here is the KB article.

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