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Its been a busy busy month for me. We just launched out Dedicated vCloud Product at Rackspace which was fun to work with. I am part of a team of three Product Engineers who led and are primarily responsible for this massive undertaking and it has been fun.

Anyways, here what I have for you is the configuration automation script for VMware vCloud Director.

The script was fun to write and like my other scripts runs off of PowerShell and VMware vCloud Director RestAPI. Now I did want to write this in Java using the Java SDK for vCloud Director however that may happen in some time. No promises though.

You can pull my script and tweak it for your environment. The idea here is to identify the Restful payloads that you will need to finish parts of the configuration and then integrating the same in your environment.

You can find the script at my Github repo.

Do not forget to update the VCD-CONFIG.XML file and appropriately add the number of hosts and its credentials to the XML payload. Also make sure you comment out what you don’t need.

Let me know what you think 🙂