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For my day job I worked on automating the deployment and configuration of the vShield Edge appliance.

To an untrained eye this can be quite complicated and has been fun to work on. I ran into a lot of documentation gaps and issues with the entire deployment and VMware SDK support has been notified about these gaps.

The Script allows you to deploy vShield Edge Appliance to a vCenter and also configures. The script configures the following for the edge appliance,

  1. Deployes it with three uplinks for External,internal and heartbeat networks
  2. Configures firewall rules
  3. Configures object-groups
  4. Configures static routes
  5. Configures LB rules

The script is missing HA configuration and LB service enable parts. I have these done but looks like VMware issue is preventing these to run properly. VMware is investigating so sit tight!

In my home lab I had deployed the edge appliance a whopping 200 times before I got the script right! This was mostly due to the gaps and issues in the API.



The community script has been edited to protect my product information and I haven’t had a chance to test the formatted script but it should work just fine.

The read me for the file is here. You can get my script at my github repo!

Here is the script for quick reference, click Read more below for the script.

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