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In VMWorld @ San Francisco I was able to attend the advanced performance tuning session for vCenter Server, but that was primarily focussed towards the Windows deployment only. With growing implementation of the vCenter Server Appliance, here are some tips on ensuring that the appliance runs nice and fast.

By default the appliance deploys wiht 8GB of RAM which can be changed but what you really need to alter are the JVM heap sizes to allow for better performance. If you are a dev then you will know that there needs to be a proper balance of how much these sizes need to be increased because the bigger the size the longer it will take to do garbage collection task which can then add to performance latency. My point here being do not increase it if you don’t have performance issues and when you do increase it, use smaller increments.

Alternatively for smaller environments you can reduce the memory footprint to infact gain some performance improvements however these would be minor. The below process can be used to increase the heap sizes as well.

Below are the steps to reduce the heap sizes – 

1. ssh to your vcsa server

2. login with the root account

3. execute command: vpxd-servicecfg jvm-max-heap read

The output gives you three values:


== Indicates the amount of RAM configured for the Query Service (inventory service)


== Indicates the amount of RAM configured for the Policy Based Storage Management (storage profile service)


==> Indicates the amount of RAM configured for Tomcat (vSphere Web Client Service)


==> Indicates that the vpxd-servicecfg command was successful

4. Reconfigure memory for Tomcat (vSphere Web Client Service)

Edit usr/lib/vmware-vsphere-client/server/wrapper/conf/wrapper.conf

Change the value for wrapper.java.maxmemory to 1024 (default = 2048)

5. Reconfigure memory for the Query Service (Inventory Service)

Edit /usr/lib/vmware-vpx/inventoryservice/wrapper/conf/wrapper.conf

Change the value for wrapper.java.maxmemory to 1536 (default = 3072)

6. Reconfigure memory for the Policy Based Storage Management (Storage Profile Service)

Edit /usr/lib/vmware-vpx/sps/wrapper/conf/wrapper.conf

Change the value for wrapper.java.maxmemory to 512 (default =1024)

7. Shut down the vCenter Server Appliance

8. Reconfigure the VM to 4 GB RAM

9. Reboot the Virtual machine

Hope this helps!



I wanted to automate vCenter server appliance – deploying the OVA and also configuring it. I searched online to look at some samples or some code snippets  but didn’t find anything. I pinged the communities and LucD said he doesn’t recall seeing any code either.

Here was my post – https://communities.vmware.com/thread/490649

So I took up the simple challenge and here is the script to automate vCenter server appliance.

The script also uses the latest PowerCli 5.8 Release 1 – the Get-ovfconfiguration is key to deploying your appliances and ensuring they come up ip’d.

The script comes with a config.xml where you input all the parameters and then execute the script. You can also extend this by programmatically generating the config.xml file and executing the script.

The read me for the file is here. You can get my script at my github repo!

Alternatively you have it below as well, but I highly recommend reading the entire info at my github.

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