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vQuicky – 

> Tried to vmotion a vm to another hyp that had a nic connected to a disconnected vswitch.

> Had the same port group on the other hyp as well but the vmotion failed.

> “Unable to migrate from <source server> to <destination server>: Currently connected network interface ‘<device>’ uses network ‘<network>’, which is a ‘virtual intranet'” was the error

> KB article says to over ride that we need to change the following setting –

navigate to Administration > vCenter Server Settings> Advanced Settings and add config.migrate.test.CompatibleNetworks.VMOnVirtualIntranet with a value of “false”.

inDepth – 

So turns out I forgot some basics about vmotioning vms from one hyp to another. The kb article put the sanity back in me. I was trying to vmotion a vm from one hyp to another. Not a problem right? But the vm was connected to a nic which was connected to a disconnected switch.

VMware was throwing an error about Intranet! Turns out that the virtual machine is connected to a network that is internal only, which means that the virtual switch has no outbound adapters attached.

The fix is – Either to attach an adapter or power down the vm and then move it. Or you can set the advanced setting to false.

The setting can be seen by navigating to Administration > vCenter Server Settings> Advanced Settings and add config.migrate.test.CompatibleNetworks.VMOnVirtualIntranet with a value of “false”.

Here is the kb link.