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There is a huge debate in the market about the obvious – that the battle between private dedicated deployments ‘vs’ the public cloud will only lead to a hybrid cloud. But what is hybrid cloud? Well a simple straight answer is that its a mix of public and private/dedicated cloud.

It is clear that SMB markets and Enterprises will eventually (infact its already happening) are looking for ways to deploy their test/dev environments on commodity cheap hardware while production has been deployed on high performance hardware where support/performance/DR is guaranteed(atleast for the most part). And again it also depends on splitting the work loads – would you like to scale your web environments across multiple servers – which you can deploy in an instant using an API over the cloud while high performance database and application servers run on your dedicated gear. But does this seemingly simple setup really qualify as “true hybrid cloud”?

In my view – true hybrid cloud should be defined as –

“The ability to deploy, access, control and migrate between public and dedicated infrastructure using a single API”.

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